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Teaching credits include; New Adventures’ educational department in the UK, Asia and USA, as well as Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures company classes. I am a guest teacher across the globe for LaGuardia High School, Hariyama Ballet N.Y, Joffrey Ballet School, Mark Morris Dance Group, Carnegie Mellon Universit, The Princeton University in the USA, Japan and UK. Mami is the assistant director and faculty member for The Broadway Experience in NYC. She was guest teacher of Cedar Lake Dance Company.


指導:ニュー・アドヴェンチャーズ教育部門、マシュー・ボーンカンパニークラス、針山バレエ NY, NYジョフリーバレエのサマーインテンシブ。

ゲスト講師:ラグアーディア芸術高校NY, マークモリスダンスグループ、かーネギメロン大学、プリンストン大学など。

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